How Many Times Do Queer Ladies Have Intercourse?

How Many Times Do Queer Ladies Have Intercourse?

There’s a popular conception that individuals in non-monogamous relationships are experiencing intercourse more regularly compared to those in monogamous relationships, but our studies have shown that is not the case. The figures are nearly precisely also, as you possibly can see above.

One other many striking section of the information is 35% of you need to be sex that is having a time or even more, and just 3.69% of you might be having sex as soon as just about every day or higher. It is feasible that everyone believes they need intercourse much more frequently it’s also possible that when we imagine an “ideal world”, we imagine a world where we work 40 hours a week instead of 70, aren’t so damn tired after putting the kids to bed, or weren’t struggling with stress or emotional issues that make sex hard to be prepared for than they actually do, but.

We now have therefore much information to have a look at here, but today’s focus are going to be on intimate regularity within relationships, both monogamous and non-monogamous. Let’s enter into it.

What’s the strongest predictor of just how much sex you’re having?

It’s not age, it’s perhaps perhaps not want, it is maybe perhaps not just how many lovers you’ve had or once you destroyed your virginity — it is the length of time you’ve experienced the relationship that you’re in. 继续阅读“How Many Times Do Queer Ladies Have Intercourse?”